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BMW R1100/1150 Oilhead Service Video - MP

This DVD is for the BMW R1100/1150/1200 “Oilhead” series.*

*Note: Covered Motorcycle(s):

·1994-2004 R850/1100/1150GS***
·2001-2004 R1100/1150GS Adventure***
·1996-2004 R1100/1150RT***
·1994-2004 R1100/1150RS***
·1994-2004 R850/1100/1150R***
·1999-2004 R1200C/CL***
·2000-2005 R1100S ***
*** Note: If your bike is an 1100S, 1150, or R1200C/CL, with the Servo-ABS system, you will require the R1200 Hexhead video to accomplish the brake flush if you wish to do it!

In this video we will cover many of the items including the following items for the R1100/1150/1200 series motorcycles. The times listed below allow you to forward to each section of the video:

1.Removing the Gas Tank**** (00:33)

2.Changing the Fuel Filter (02:00)

3.Air filter change (14:40)

4.Gas Tank Installation (17:13)

5.Valve Adjustment procedures (22:04)

6.Throttle Body Sync (38:25)

7.Brake Bleeding procedures (Non-servo), *** (see above) (46:07)

8.Alternator Belt Replacement (1:01:58)

9.Final Drive drain and refill (1:09:49)

10.Spoke Check and Adjustment (1:16:08)

****Although the fuel tank removal and installation vary by model, the basics are the same. The R1100/1150RT tank removal process will be added to the Updates section of this site in the near future.

If you have an 1150 with servo-ABS, and desire to complete the brake flush procedure, you will need the BMW R1200 36K “Hexhead” Maintenance video.

NOTE: If you have reasonable skills, and can accomplish the transmission fluid change, and engine oil change, this video will give you the rest of what you need with the exception of step-by-step valve cover removal and installation, though the basics ARE covered. The R1100/1150/1200 Oil change and Trans oil change is similar, and can be seen for free here!

The DVD should assist those of you on the fence in deciding you CAN do these expensive services yourself, and save money for those all-important farkles, and gas for riding! It is also an excellent resource for those looking to see what the dealer does during a typical service.

Caution: Although every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this DVD it was primarily designed to enhance your knowledge of the BMW R1100/1150 series motorcycle. As such, it is not meant to replace the maintenance manual or to supply complete information about each procedure covered. Any damage done to a motorcycle or personal injury resulting from the use of the DVD is solely the responsibility of the user and not the maker or seller of the DVD. Please use the DVD as a reference only. Performing motorcycle maintenance can be dangerous so please take the proper precautions when attempting to perform your own service work. If you do not have the proper tools or mechanical ability to do this type of work it is best left to the professionals at your BMW Service Center.

1 PDF and 1 MP4
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